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Owning your own pool is a luxury that not everyone can afford, they are expensive to have built and cost plenty to heat as well. There are, however, ways that you can build your own pool and gain the benefits of swimming and relaxing every single day. Here are some tips on how you can get started towards owning your own pool.

There Are Several Ways To Build A Swimming Pool

At first you're probably thinking that the only way to build a pool is out of a sprayed concrete product called Gunite. This is one of the best ways to build a pool that will last for decades, however, it is also an expensive and difficult way to go.

The contractor will first have to dig the hole, then install a metal cage that fits the shape of the pool almost exactly. Then, they'll come in with the Gunite sprayer machine and apply multiple layers of concrete until they add in the final coat that can be smoothly finished. This is a professional pool that should last decades.

Another way to build a pool is to dig the hole, by hand if necessary to save money, and then line the hole with a pressure treated plywood frame. Then add in your plumbing for the filter and drain system before you back-fill the plywood and frame for support. Finally, you buy a vinyl pool liner that is made to fit your frame and install it according to directions. This is probably the least expensive way to build your own pool. It also won't last forever, but buying a new vinyl pool liner every 5-7 years isn't all that big of an expense.

The final way to get a pool in your backyard is more expensive than the vinyl liner, but looks a lot better too. That's where you buy a complete acrylic pre-made pool and dig the hole to put it in. These are nice looking, professionally made, pools, usually with all the plumbing connections either already installed or easy to install yourself. The most important factor is getting the pool properly supported all the way around so that the acrylic isn't stressed.

After You Have The Pool Add In The Filter/Pump System

Each of the types of pools that you can build yourself are going to need a proper filter system to keep them clean and safe to swim in. You'll need to have all the plumbing done before you fill in around your pool, so take that into consideration, do some planning.

The basic filter system usually consists of a water pump, filter, and skimmer/collector. The skimmer/collector is usually built-in to the edge of the pool, but not necessarily. The filter usually has two stages, a unit that collects large items like leaves and bugs, then a fine filter that can take out algae.  Both are necessary. And finally, you'll need a way to add chlorine or some other disinfectant since that is what is used to kill algae, bacteria, and other microbes.

If owning your own pool seems like a distant dream, check online to see how you can build your own. It is possible, or you could hire out some parts and do the rest yourself, but almost anyone with the desire, can build their own pool and enjoy it.

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